About uTours

Kia ora, my name is Suzee.

I am a passionate Wellingtonian, dog lover and artist. Sometimes I am blown away by how lucky I am to be living in Wellington. For many years, I have had great fun introducing my hometown to visitors.

I offer you a personalised sightseeing day trip with a local friend you haven’t met yet - I will even bring the snacks.

I love driving, meeting people and travelling. I chose to leave the rat race and spend time doing more of the things I love. Setting up uTours was the outcome of that decision.

With uTours, you will enjoy informed conversation, individual attention, personal space and the opportunity to connect with the Wellington that locals love.

Each day I get to feel good about making a difference - through sharing my local knowledge, making connections, enjoying each day and adding to the world. Let me connect you with the people, places and things that Wellington can offer you.

About me:

  • I know my home town intimately and will share my passion for Wellington with you. I deliver a local perspective on Wellington’s stunning beaches and hills, fabulous people, exciting arts and culture, and food and café scene.
  • I am an artist. I am interested in people & our stories, curious about the world and keen to make a difference. To create your best unique experience of Wellington, we will find the places & stories that are meaningful for you.
  • I have experienced the joys and trials of travelling. I have loved my travel adventures to date - in the UK (resident for six years), Europe, the US, Rarotanga, Scandinavia and Bali. I have also traveled extensively around New Zealand and Australia. I will provide local knowledge to better inform your holiday decisions.
  • I understand the importance of using your time wisely and driving safely. I am a certified First Aider and will provide you with no hassle comfortable transport so that you can use your time on attractions, rather than public transport.
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The beginning of uTours

Part of the catalyst for starting uTours was my experience of hiring drivers in Bali. We discussed our interests and options with the driver, then visited some must see tourist locations. This was alongside attractions that were not in the guide books - a whole new way of experiencing a place for me. We saw more attractions, experienced less crowds, viewed unexpected spectacular scenery and purchased local goods direct from the producer. I wanted to offer this to visitors to Wellington.

In recent travels, I noticed I was seeking connections with locals, other than the sales people. In Bali, driving between activities offered time to converse and ask questions, resulting in improved understanding for both parties of each other’s social issues and lifestyles. Engaging with the drivers directly meant I was directly contributing to their local economy rather than an anonymous company.

The driver’s advice on other must do activities and spots to avoid helped us make better decisions about the rest of our time in Bali. This made such a difference to our whole trip, not just the day out with the drivers.

I saw an opportunity for this type of tour in Wellington and so uTours was born.

Why Choose uTours?

  • Conversation, personal space & local connections.
  • Friendly, informed & well-travelled local tour guide.
  • Flexible private or small group day tours.
  • Day trips designed to your interests.
  • Experience the best of Wellington & surrounds.
  • Convenient pick up from your central accommodation.
  • Enjoy great views from our comfortable van.
  • We make Wellington easy for you.

We have done our job well if you decide you could love Wellington as much as we do.