Exploring Wellington’s Best Fish n Chips

Ever wonder why the mention of fish n chips triggers a rumble in your stomach and sets off dreams of crispy batter, succulent fish and golden chips? It’s not just food, it is an experience. A ritual that starts with the aroma wafting through salty seaside air. Few places do this better than Wellington.

A single bite takes you on a journey from local fisheries to craft beer breweries. The crunch gives way to flaky fish fresh from the harbour. This tale starts with a warning – you’ll need your stretchy pants! But wait – there’s more than meets the eye (and palate).

Can’t wait to start this taste journey? Let’s dive in!

The Best Fish n Chips in Wellington

If you’re craving the quintessential seaside dining experience, look no further than The Chippery, renowned for its star rating fish n chips, this well-loved spot is a staple among locals and tourists alike.So what makes The Chippery stand out? Their commitment to quality is unmatched. They source ingredients from local fisheries like the Wellington Trawling Company and farms across New Zealand. This ensures that each plate winner serves up nothing but fresh flavours.

Each portion of battered fish pairs perfectly with hand-cut agria chips fried golden brown in craft beer batter. And for those on gluten-free diets – don’t fret. The Chippery’s menu offers an extensive range of gluten-free options including dedicated fryers to avoid cross-contamination.

A meal at The Chippery isn’t just about food; it’s also about embracing Wellington’s vibrant culinary scene right along Majoribanks Street – and nothing beats eating delicious fish n chips by Oriental Bay Boatsheds (except, maybe eating them at Lyall Bay), which brings us to:

Fresko Fish & Chips

Freskos runs out of a shipping container on Kingsford Smith St, across the road from Lyall Bay beach. Not only does it have great fish n chips but also a menu including burgers, mussels, prawns and paua fritters. And you can also nip across the road to Parrot Dog Brewery for a cold one! – a match made in heaven.

Another Lyall Bay favourite is the quintessentially kiwi Seaview Takeaways which is also just across the road from the beach. This family-run shop evokes every kiwi kid’s memory of Friday night fish n chips with the classic pineapple ring for dessert. And did we mention it includes an ice cream counter where you can get another kiwi classic, Tip Top Ice Cream in a cone?

And we can’t talk fish n chips without including the Wellington Seamarket whether it is from their flagship Cuba St store, Lambton Quay or Lower Hutt. Visit any one of these at lunchtime and the number of tradies ordering their lunch tells you just how good the fish n chips are. And these guys really know their fish – they sell fresh fish and will cut and prepare it in front of you. They have tips on cooking your fish and can talk about seafood all day!

And the wild-card of our favourites comes from The Botanist, also in Lyall Bay. The Botanist is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant that offers a battered banana blossom ‘fish’ with some of the best chips in town, slaw and tartare sauce. A fish n chip lunch is often part of a private tour of Wellington with uTours.

Hidden Gems for Fish n Chips in Wellington

If you’re looking to enjoy fish n chips beyond the usual spots, Wellington has a treasure trove of hidden gems. Te Aro Fish Supply, located at 85 Aro Street, gives you the opportunity to sit on a bench and watch the world go by in the heart of Aro Valley. Their classic Kiwi takeaway shop serves up generously portioned dishes without hurting your wallet.

A little further out at Seatoun’s Dundas street (31 to be precise), there’s yet another surprise waiting – Huckle & Co known for their sustainable and locally sourced ingredients. They are famous among locals but often overlooked by visitors because it’s nestled deep within this seaside suburb.

So next time you find yourself wandering around these streets after happy-hour, drinks with your workmates, or a break from study, don’t forget to explore these delicious destinations.

Smaller towns with big fish n chip reputations

If you are visiting the Wairarapa or Kāpiti areas of the Wellington region don’t despair, you can still get your fill of that battered (or crumbed) goodness.

You can enjoy a great fish and chip meal from Fed Up Restaurant & Takeaway at 40 Marine Parade in Paraparaumu, just a 40 minute drive from the centre of Wellington. Fed Up is a local favourite, known for its perfectly cooked Blue Cod and Tarakihi meals served with great chips and a generous serving of salad.

For the more adventurous, a drive over the Remutaka Hill Road and a right turn towards the coast will find you at the Lake Ferry Hotel, one of the oldest licensed hotels in New Zealand. This hotel has a range of dining options including, you guessed it, some of the best fish and chips around – world famous even!

Fish n Chips Delivery Options in Wellington

Longing for a taste of the sea? You’re not alone. Kiwis have long been fans of fish and chips, and now you can enjoy this classic dish without ever leaving your house, thanks to Uber Eats.

Uber Eats, one of the major players in food delivery services here in Wellington, lets you order fish and chips from top-notch chip shops at home or work. And no need to wonder when your meal will arrive, with Uber Eats’ live tracking feature, you can follow your delivery from the restaurant all the way to your door.

Tipping isn’t compulsory but is certainly appreciated by hard-working couriers making sure that piping hot plate winner makes its journey swiftly across town just for you.

The best part? With an array of options available, from destination fish and chip shop classics to innovative takes on traditional dishes like battered fish paired with craft beer batter fries, there’s something for everyone’s palate.

The Perfect Fish n Chips Experience

When it comes to the perfect fish n chips experience, Wellington, NZ offers an adventure that is second to none. Think of mouthwatering battered fish served in a traditional newsprint package eaten at the beach.

This city isn’t just about spectacular views from Mount Victoria or strolls along Cuba St, it’s also a food lover’s paradise. Picture yourself on a waterfront walk after you enjoy fish straight from the local te Aro fish supply or perhaps Wellington SeaMarket. With its unique culinary culture, Wellington knows how to serve a memorable fish and chips experience.

The History of Fish n Chips in Wellington

Dive into the rich history of fish n chips in this seaside city and how it became a beloved local dish.

Early Beginnings

Battered fish has its origins in Jewish cooking, with British Cook books referring to cooking fish in the Jewish fashion as far back as 1791. Battered fish was developed as a way of having food which could be prepared the day before the sabbath, when cooking was not allowed. As the Spanish Sephardic Jews were forced out of Spain and Portugal in the 1400 and 1500s, they introduced their food traditions to other European Countries, including Britain.

The pairing of fish and chips was not immediate. It was in Belgium that the humble potato was transformed, where local fishermen would carve them into fish shapes before deep frying them.

The first fish and chip shop opened in England in the early 1860s. This fare was cheap, convenient and plentiful in supply. A perfect way to feed hungry workers and families. Its success was so phenomenal that there were 25,000 fish and chip shops by 1910.They were seen as so important that during both World Wars, fish and chips were kept off the rationing lists.

With the immigration boom of the 1870s, the British brought their love of fried fish and potato chips to our shores. Like Britain, New Zealand was a perfect location for fish and chips – we had lots of fish and a long history of growing potatoes. This passion for fish and chips reached its peak during the 1960s and 1970s before the introduction of McDonalds and other fast foods replaced fish and chips as the preferred take away. However, fish n chips remains a firm favourite for many New Zealanders and tourists.

Kiwis have their own special pairing when it comes to fish & chips, Watties Tomato Sauce. Made only in NZ, and highly sought after by Kiwi’s living overseas, this slightly sweet tomato sauce completes the traditional New Zealand fish and chip experience.

Refinement and Evolution in Wellington

In Wellington, this delicious feast became an easy go to meal when local fisheries started supplying fresh catch to chip shops popping up on Mount Victoria, Aro Valley and beyond. Soon enough, fish and chips became a staple food source throughout the region – nothing beats this simple yet satisfying dish after a long day at work, uni or school.

The recipe for crispy batter and flaky white fish was passed down through generations while establishments like Wellington Seamarket, Te Aro Fish Supply, and others kept refining it. These spots not only served mouthwatering plates but also played pivotal roles in evolving Wellington’s dining experience over time.

FAQs in Relation to Fish n Chips Wellington

What is New Zealand fish and chips?

New Zealand’s fish and chips are a beloved dish featuring crispy battered fish, usually hoki, tarakihi, warehou or elephant shark, paired with chunky fries called ‘chips’.

Why is fish and chips so popular in New Zealand?

Fish n chips resonate with Kiwis due to the country’s extensive coastline and love of seafood or ‘kai moana’ which has been a staple food here since the first human inhabitants arrived from the Pacific. It has become an iconic beach meal that symbolises casual seaside dining.

Who has the world’s best fish and chips?

The title of “world’s best” often fluctuates, but The Chippery, located in Wellington, consistently ranks high on many lists for its top-notch offerings.


Wellington has it all when it comes to fish n chips. From The Chippery’s commitment to local ingredients and gluten-free options, gourmet burger alternatives, the city’s diverse food scene to the convenience of Uber Eats delivery.

The experience doesn’t stop at just taste; there’s also an appreciation for tradition from newsprint packaging and eating at the beach. You even got a sweet endnote with top ice cream spots around town.

Fish n chips Wellington style is truly an experience worth savouring every time you visit this vibrant seaside city.

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